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Investing in Wellness is Good Business

Employers get it. Healthy, happy employees are productive employees. Implementing a comprehensive company wellness program is a win-win for both the employers and employees. Clearly, employee attendance and productivity, and employee health are closely connected. Healthier employees lead to better attendance, increased productivity, lower company healthcare costs, improved morale and safety. Preventive strategies that support health and wellness, such as those found in integrative lifestyle change programs, are successfully decreasing health care costs in corporations nationwide and ultimately a healthier bottom line.


The Proposed Solution? Integrative Health

Emerging as a cost- effective remedy to the epidemic of chronic diseases that continue to tax the economy, integrative health is being recognized as a strategy that can patch up holes in the current health delivery system while keeping medical costs at bay.  It treats the person as a whole (mental, physical, social and emotional) and makes use of all appropriate therapies, both conventional and alternative. Whole person care takes into consideration the individual and the world in which they live. The Integrative approach is person-centered,  preventive, predictive and personalized.


Achieving Results - The PrimeWorks Strategy

PrimeWorks approaches workplace wellness based on the Integrative Health model. We work with your employees to empower them to become more self-aware of their whole wellbeing. Our programs are interactive, engaging and fun. Our team promotes an environment that is comfortable and non-judgmental. Some of the services we offer include an 8-week on-site wellness program, lunch and learns, workshops and coaching. 

8 Week Wellness Program

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