The PrimeLife Difference

Why PrimeLife?


As we get into our 40’s, most of us are over-worked, stressed and haven’t taken the time to care for ourselves. As a result, many of us are tired, gaining weight and just don’t have the energy we used to. 

Studies on nutrition and health change constantly. We don’t know who to trust or where to turn. Prime is here to help.

An Integrative Approach


Our mission is to provide an individualized wellness environment that supports the physical, mental and emotional needs of people over the age of 40. Our goal is to empower our clients to become self-reliant for their own wellness through education, coaching and targeted physical movement classes and equipment. 

Health Coaches - A Partnership


At PrimeLife you will have access to health coaches. Coaches will partner with clients to guide them toward creating and implementing health/life goals and educate them about the different options available for self-empowerment. Coaches provide motivation, accountability and genuine concern for the client. 



Education classes from a variety of experts that help people understand the basis of their health issues. They will share the latest natural and self-reliant approaches to healing and coping with injuries or aging. 

Stop Beating Yourself Up


PrimeLife will provide equipment and classes geared to our changing needs as we age.  It means you will learn the right way to workout for you and your body. We will guide you toward a more targeted and sustainable fitness program that meets your needs.



A community of like-minded people that supports and promotes sustainable, holistic health in a natural, eco-friendly setting. We will offer programs to promote social connection and fun; including mix and mingles, a shared library and other group events.

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